Hi, I'm Lamia Khazbak

I am a Visual Storyteller

A professional fashion, lifestyle, products, wedding and event photographer, videographer and content creator. An art director and sometimes I'm the stylist and the one who's ready to play any role in the location that helps getting a better outcome..

Content Creation is not only my profession it’s a passion that I followed more than 12 years ago.. 

I am passionate about photography, videography and the power of the enduring, still image that stops time and videos that last forever. It gives the viewer a moment to think, to react, and to feel. If you want productions that will stay in your audience's mind, you must tell a story.

Photography to me, means never giving up on dreams, having the persistence to keep shooting, and a vision to change the world one photo at a time. It changed my whole life and brought me back to myself..

My Clients

Mobile: +971563652739

E-mail: hello@lamiakhazbak.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lamiakhazbakphotography