Hi, I'm Lamia Khazbak


A professional fashion, lifestyle, products, wedding and event photographer, videographer and content creator. An art director and sometimes I'm the stylist and the one who's ready to play any role in the location that helps getting a better outcome..

Content Creation is not only my profession it’s a passion that I followed more than 12 years ago.. 

Before starting my own business, I was an electrical power engineer.. My journey to becoming an artist began in 2001. I remember falling in love with the process of creating something with my camera..

When I got my first camera, I captured everything under the sun: macro photos of flowers, photos of the beach near my house, corporate events, weddings and portraits..

I began to become more confident and comfortable not only with my photography but with who i am as a person.. The camera soon became my strongest tool for how I express myself and it was by my side in the blissful moments and my darkest ones as well.. I learnt that I should never be complacent with my work and that i’m only as good as my last shoot. 

I’ve also learnt that I must stay true to who I am. There’s no one that can do it better than me. Being unique and true to myself is the one determining factor that will set my work stand out from the rest. The only competition I have is with myself and being the best I could be.

Photography, to me, means never giving up on dreams, having the persistence to keep shooting, and a vision to change the world one photo at a time.

It changed my whole life and brought me back to myself.. My photos evoke emotions and portray how subjects make me feel.

I enjoy traveling and trying new life activities when I am not shooting or editing.

I am a self-taught photographer who gave photography and lighting courses for more than 5 years.

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Contact Me


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