New Year's Eve was totally different on Mount Sinai 5 years ago. I was lucky to have made my first ascent of Mount Sinai in the middle of winter. I joined a group of hikers and it was my first time to have such long hike during that cold weather. The guide warned us that we were in for the sort of cold that is unheard of anywhere else in Egypt, but despite the many layers of clothing, I was nevertheless unprepared for the cold that was to greet me at the summit.

For a person that gets anxious with many instructions given, I had to fight those fearing thoughts that caused an adrenaline rush with every forward step. Actually the Sinai Trail has been dubbed one of the best new hikes in the world.

This became more than just an adventurous journey after I grabbed my camera as I forgot about my feet pain and the shortage of my breath with the lack of oxygen while we were elevating the mount.

I captured photos of travelers from all over the world and hikers on the top of the mountain.

I even met bedouins living there between the mountain in tribes from a long ago. I got to know more about them and even took some memorable photos with them.

Going down the mountain wasn't as easy a I thought it will. The path down is 3,750 stone steps known as the Steps of Repentance.

Next time when you arrange for your hike don't forget to wear a hiking shoes, bring water and snacks and of course if you love taking photos don't forget your professional camera or a mobile phone with good camera.